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Hello All, hope you are fine.

In this Artcile, I would give you the answer of that famous question that is mostly asked by new Entrepreneurs that “how to register or incorporate a Private Limited Company in India.” Fiirst of all, let me clear you one thing that it is very simple to get a Private Limited Company In India as Govt has modified many rules and regulations to simplify the procedure of Private Limited Company Registration. Generally, it hardly takes 10-15 working days to get a Company Registered.

A very quick question which arises in our Mind that who will do the Private Limited Company registration for us ?

In India, we generally knows only CA (Chartered Accountants) who does the registration and all but I will clear your doubt here, Not only CA, but a CS (Company Secretary) and a CMA (Cost & Management Accountant) are also authorized to do the same for you. So, from the next time, you may go to any CS & CMA office too to know about Private Limited Company Registration and related queries over taxations and all. These are also the registered and authorized personnel from the Govt, under the soecial act of Parliament and from their respective Institutes too.

Other then going to some office, you may also contact the Online Company Registration Services Provider Companies, they take care of your incorporation from starting to end till you get the registration certificate at much cheaper cost then offline market.

But, be aware of the online market, it may lead to any fraud. So, I would Suggest for registration of Private Limited Company and other works as well.

Now, the question arises that what is the procedure to incorporate a Company ?

Here is the procedure of incorporating a Private Limited Company:

(i)              Generation of DSC (Digital Signatures) : DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is a pen-drive like article use to digitally sign the specific forms of Ministry of Corporate affairs which are used in registration process.

(ii)         Generation of DIN: DIN (Director Identification Number) is a seven digits mandatory Number to be taken by a person who wants to be a Director in any Company in India. Without DIN, a person cannot be appointed as a Director in any Company in India. DIN Application filed in e-Form DIR-3.

(iii)           Name Application: Third point is to file suitable name of the proposed Company with ROC in e-Form INC-1, we may give upto 6 suitable names of our choice in a Name Applicataion. ROC may approve any of the provided names or may sent for re-submission. We get only one Chance of re-submission for e-Form INC-1.

(iv)       Drafting of MOA/AOA: After getting the Company Name Approved, we are now need to prepare the documents which are required to attached with Incorporation Application. MOA & AOA are parts of such attachments to be prepared in e-Form INC-34 & 35 resp.

MOA (Memorandum of Association): It refers to the document which states the objects for which the company is formed.

AOA (Articles of Association): It refers to a document which states the internal regulation of the company.

(v)         Incorporation Application: Here starts the final stage of Company Incorporation, after getting the all required documents ready, attach the same with the e-Form SPICE-32 or e-Form INC-7 (if promoter are more then seven). ROC may approve the same after reviewing all the related documents.

After successful checking of all documents, ROC issues Certificate of Incorporation.


Here the Private Limited Company Registration completes with getting the Certificate of Incorporation.


If you even have any query over company incorporation in India, you may ask anytime by writing a mail to or can be contacted at: +91 9557758422





Ranjeet Gola