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As per the Companies Act, 2013, every company within 30 days of Incorporation shall convene a Board Meeting in which they have to appoint an Auditor which shall be termed as statutory Auditor.

As our Company provides such services by assisting the companies in getting the best Auditor for their Company. Companies may easily avail the service just by paying the amount and our Company Representative will reach to you within 2 hours of your payment.

Auditor will charge Rs. 2000 as on appointment and Audit fee for the Financial Year will be charged after preparing the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss a/c and other required document on the basis of transactions or Turnover as decided in between company and Auditor.

Auditor’s List is available here.


(Auditors or Auditor’s firm wants to be listed on Our Auditor Page may contact us by e-mailing us on our mail ID or by calling us as on the given numbers.)

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