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Meaning of Resignation of Director

Any Director vacant the Board with his own choice, called resigning of Director and this process of completing the resignation is called Resignation of Director. A director can resign by giving a notice in writing to the company and the board resigns him from the post of director.
The effect of resignation will take place from the date when such notice has been received by the company or on such date as the director has conveyed to the company, whichever is later.
The company has to inform the Registrar and post the information on the website of the company about the resignation of the director within thirty days from the date of the notice of resignation in Form No DIR-12.

Documents Required:
(1) Resignation Letters sent by Resigning Director
(2) Letter showing Resignation accepted by Board.

Process to be followed

(1) Resigning Director circulates his resignation letter to the Company
(2) Board Meeting held and pass the same
(3) Company Intimate the Resignation within 30 days of passing the Board Resolution with the Respected ROC through e-Form DIR-12.
(4) Resigning Director files the e-Form DIR-11 as an intimation to the ROC for giving his resignation from the Company.