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When two or more people jointly own and run a business, this sort of business organization is known as a partnership firm.

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Partnership Firms Registration

One of the most significant types of a company organisation is a partnership firm. In India, it is a well-liked type of corporate organisation. Establishing a partnership firm requires a minimum of two people. In a partnership firm, two or more people join forces to start a business and divide the proceeds in accordance with a predetermined ratio. Any type of business, trade, or profession falls under the umbrella of a partnership.

Partnership companies in India are governed and regulated by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. The people who join forces to form a partnership firm are referred to as partners. A contract between the partners establishes the partnership firm. A partnership deed, the document that governs the partnership firm's and the partners' interactions with one another, is the agreement between the partners.

Benefits of Partnership Firms Registration

Basic Formation

It is really simple to create. A straightforward agreement must be signed.

Adaptability to Change

The ability to make changes is just as straightforward in a partnership firm as it is in a sole proprietorship. The limits imposed make it difficult to implement such changes within a corporation.

Sharing Risk

The sharing of risk is another crucial characteristic of this kind of established organisation. Since partners share in the firm's profits and losses, there is eventually less financial strain placed on each person.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Effectiveness and Efficiency In a partnership firm, several individuals work together as a single entity to achieve a single objective. Which increases the likelihood that a task will be accomplished properly and within the target time frame?

Effectiveness and Efficiency

In a partnership firm, several individuals work together as a single entity to achieve a single objective. Which increases the likelihood that a task will be accomplished properly and within the target time frame?

Different Experts

It consists of a variety of people with a range of knowledge and skills that can be beneficial to business.


Economically speaking, statutory compliance carries a much lighter burden than it does for businesses. As a result, it is also quite affordable.


Partnership firms may be dissolved through mutual consent, agreement, insolvency, certain unforeseen circumstances, or a judicial order. A registered partnership firm can dissolve quickly and with confidence.


Even if their income does not go above the tax level, the following people are still allowed to pay their income tax return:

  • Individuals whose annual sales volume is at least Rs. 60 lakh.
  • Those who have a TDS or TCS of more than Rs 25,000.
  • Those with annual professional incomes of over Rs. 10 lakh.
  • A person is qualified to pay the ITR if they deposit at least 50 lakh in their savings bank account.

Process of Partnership Firms Registration

Registration Request Application

The Registrar of Firms in the State where the company is located must receive an application form and the required fees. All partners or their representatives must sign and verify the registration application. The following information is included in the application, which can be delivered physically or transmitted by mail to the Registrar of Firms:

  • the company's name.
  • the location of the company's main operations.
  • the location of any more locations where the company conducts business. return.
  • the day that each partner joined.
  • the full names and addresses of each partner.
  • the day that each partner joined.
  • the company's lifespan.

Registration Certificate

The firm will be registered in the Register of Firms and given the Registration Certificate if the Registrar is pleased with the registration application and supporting documentation. All firms' most recent information is available in the Register of Firms, which anybody can access for a fee. To register a company, you must submit an application form and payment to the state's registrar of firms. All partners, or their representatives, must sign the application.

choosing the name of the partnership firm

A partnership firm can be referred to by any name. But there are some requirements that must be met when choosing the name: The name shouldn't be too similar to or identical to another company already operating in the same industry. Emperor, crown, empress, empire, and any other words that suggest government authorization or support should not be used in the name.

Documents Required for Partnership Firms Registration

For a partnership firm to be registered, the following documents must be submitted to the registrar:

  • Using Form 1, submit a partnership registration application.
  • Partnership Deed certified original copy.
  • an example of an affidavit attesting that all the information in the partnership deed and other documents is accurate.
  • PAN verification of the partners' cards and addresses.(Ownership documentation or a rental/lease agreement) Evidence indicating the company's primary location of operations.

The firm will be added to the Register of Firms and a Certificate of Registration will be issued if the registrar is pleased with the documentation. Anyone can browse the Register of Firms after paying a specific price and it contains the most recent information on all firms.

Documents Required for Start Company

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank account details
  • Bank statements/ passbook

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the procedure of forming a company in India is entirely online. You do not need to be physically there at all because you can complete all documents electronically. All the necessary forms and documentation must be digitised and sent to us.

Yes, regardless of its revenue, a private limited firm is required to employ an auditor. In fact, within 30 days of formation, an auditor must be engaged. Given that penalties for non-compliance can reach millions of rupees and possibly result in the blacklisting of directors, compliance is crucial for a private limited business.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs makes available the company's registration certificate online.

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